Does Your IPad Do What You Want?

There are many different uses for your iPad. You can add a keyboard to make it a word processing tool. With a joystick, you can game well. Apps can also completely change the way you see your iPad. The information in this article will help you to make the most of your iPad.

If your volume buttons aren’t working, go to the Settings menus, and choose General/Sounds. You must have the Change With Buttons function turned on in order for this to work. The volume slider can also help you change your volume more precisely.

See a PDF with two different methods. You can sync through iTunes, or send the file through email. Experiment with each method to determine which works for you.

If you have an Apple TV with an iPad, you can stream videos to your TV. Airplay lets you see what you can stream, so tap it and no matter if you’re looking at a video or a slideshow, it will show on your TV within seconds.

If you are tired of being prompted to join various Wi-Fi networks, change your settings. Go to your Settings and access the Wi-Fi tab. Change this setting, and you’ll no longer be asked to join random Wi-Fi networks.

When you take photographs, you may grasp the sides of the iPad to hold it. If you do this, the shutter button will not be stable, and you might move as you snap your picture. Instead, make use of the orientation lock feature. This will keep the shutter button within easy reach of your thumb. If you find that the picture came out with the wrong orientation, you can then fix it using your image editor.

Make sure you enable your Find My iPad app in the event you ever lose it. This feature will locate your iPad and let you delete information as needed remotely. This might seem to be troublesome to deal with, yet you are going to be thankful for this should you ever get separated from your iPad.

For frequently used apps, you can access them much faster. You simply have to quickly click the home button twice to bring up a list of running apps. This is a good way to quickly access an app instead of scrolling on your screen to find the apps you need.

You can block mature content on an iPad that was purchased for use by your child. To do this, just go into settings and find the mature content option. You can block anything you want from here.

Do you hate having to tap the bookmark icon in order to open your bookmarked sites? You can eliminate this annoyance by turning the bookmarks bar on permanently. Just click on Settings, then Safari, then turn on Always Show the Bookmarks Bar.

Post on forums like MacRumors and iPadforums. The people in these communities may provide you with helpful information. Also, you can share some of the things that you learned about the iPad. These forums are also great for peer-to-peer tech support.

Google Calendar can be added to the iPad Calendar app. You have to set this up by clicking Settings, and then Mail, then Contacts and then Calendars. Tap Add Account and then Other. Select Add CalDAV Account, then enter your log-information from Google.

The iPad can use VPN networks for accessing servers in a remote location. You can connect to VPN connections using the iPad by navigating to Network, which is located under Settings, and turning on VPN. As will all VPNs, you’ll need a username and address. If you don’t know what the server address is, contact the network administrator.

Perhaps your iPad produces too much noise? You should go to your Settings and choose the Sound tab. You will be able to turn off the alerts you get when you receive a new email or you have a calendar event reminder. You can reduce the sound level of the alerts if you would rather not turn them off.

Have you accidentally launched a noisy app? You are able to mute volume right away by simply pressing and holding the – volume button until sound is off. If you need to mute often, you can set your lock button to mute, too.

Have you noticed that your screen is really scratched up? The iPad is very durable, if you see scratches you should put a screen protector on it. It protects both your iPad and your fingers from getting scratched.

Taking screenshots on an iPad is easy. Press down the Home button and then press the Sleep/Wake key. There will be a flash on the screen and an audible click. This indicates that a photo has been taken. Screenshots automatically go into your photo gallery.

Battery life is typically shorter when using heavier applications like movies and games. Adjust the brightness of your screen if you would like to extend the battery’s life. Most likely it is not necessary to use the highest intensity setting to get the most from your iPad.

There are some easy techniques for handling the battery life of an iPad. Reduce your iPad’s exposure to heat at all times. Turn your brightness down. Airplane mode is perfect for times that don’t require Internet access. It also helps to turn off Push. Instead, manually refresh your email when you have the time.

When using the internet it is easy to do many things at one time. There is no need to abandon your current site simply to visit a link. Just hold the link rather than tapping it. This will give you a menu of options. This way you can open the new page in a separate tab.

There is finally a way to silence your iPad very quickly. The original iPad didn’t have a mute button. Once iOS 4.3 came out, there was an option added where your lock switch can mute the sound. Holding down the volume button helps to mute your phone fast.

Your iPad is able to do many different things, such as gaming and chatting. With the proper advice, like what you have just read, you will be ready to yse your iPad right away. This will help you put your new gadget to its best use.

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