Things You Did Not Know You Can Do On Your Ipad

You may think you have heard everything there is to hear about the iPad. Some view it as a useful tool, and other view it as simple amusement. If you are interested in getting more use from your iPad, the piece that follows can really help.

The iPad is revolutionary and very user-friendly. There is just one button and a screen to deal with. Rather than obsessively reading about the iPad, explore a bit and discover what you can do. It’s not like Linux; you can explore without breaking anything.

Bookmarks can be made easy to find. Just keep your Bookmark bar open. Open Safari and choose ‘settings’. You should be able to find the option to enable constant display of your bookmarks. This prevents you from having to click a lot in order to visit your favorite websites.

Is connecting the iPad to the TV an option you have considered doing? Purchasing a separate adapter will allow you to do this. You can use a VGA Apple adapter or also a digital AV adapter. Either of them work perfectly.

It is possible to download photos from your camera right to your iPad. There is no need for a third machine. You just need to take the camera’s SD card and place it into the iPad’s own reader. You can work directly with your images and other files without extra software installations because the device now acts as a storage disk.

Have you noticed that your iPad doesn’t have the snappy navigation that it once had and that loading apps is not as speedy as it once was? Even when you delete unnecessarily stored data and information on your iPad, it is still too slow. Use iCloud to clear out more space! In most cases, this makes the iPad as fast as it once was.

If you are on the Internet constantly you can use the cloud storage for your iPad. Use the cloud to store things without taking up valuable space on the device itself. Make sure you store your most critical items on the cloud as well as the device.

Do you think it is tiresome to scroll when you are accessing the Internet from an iPad. Tap the top bar vs. scrolling up to save time. That trick works in other apps as well.

It is very easy to capture a screenshot on your iPad. Press Home and then Sleep/Wake. This will yield a flash, which will mean that you took a picture. It means that a photo has been taken. Screenshots will be saved automatically in the Photos gallery, where they can be easily viewed or emailed.

You don’t have to send pictures like you used to ever again. It is no longer necessary to compose an email and include an attachment. You can easily send photos by clicking the arrow located in the upper-righthand corner of the photo and click email.

There are two ways in which you can display a PDF. Either place the PDF inside iTunes and sync it with the iPad, or send an email to yourself on your iPad. Try both to see which is easier for you to use or use each method as you need.

You can easily see the video or picture you just took without clicking the camera roll. Just do a one-finger swipe to see your photo or video. You can continue to swipe to the left to see earlier photos and videos.

Enable the feature entitled Find My iPad, which will allow you to retrieve a lost or misplaced unit. This feature allows you to locate your iPad and remotely delete all information stored on your iPad. While this probably seems like a pain, you will be thankful that you did this should you ever misplace it.

If you want your battery to last longer, reduce your screen’s brightness level. This is very beneficial if you’re out and about and expecting a vital message or email. Just press Home twice and choose the “sun” icon.

Use the auto brightness feature of your iPad. The iPad senses ambient lighting and makes necessary adjustments automatically. The prevents you from draining your battery unnecessarily during high light conditions. It can make a big difference in battery life between recharges. To set this up, look in the settings for Brightness and Wallpaper.

Shortcuts make it far easier for you to send messages. Try pushing the space bar two times when you are writing something. A period and then a space will be added in. You won’t have to add it yourself and the time you save can mean more messaging to family and friends.

It easy to access the currently running apps on your iPad. Just push the Home button twice in succession to show an icon for each running app. If you want to bring up that app, just tap its icon on the bar. Just swipe your finger down to get rid of the bar.

If your children regularly use your iPad and you don’t want them exposed to pornography and violence, enable the parental controls. All you have to do is turn the parental control feature on through the settings menu. You can block access to mature content by labeling your content as such.

Are you afraid that the link you are about to click on in Safari is inappropriate? This is easy to solve. All you have to do is to touch and keep your finger on the word. This shows its linked URL.

Is your iPad too noisy? Try going to the Settings and changing your sound. You can turn off all alerts you receive when you get new email or calendar alerts. Lower the sound on these alerts if the sound is bothering you.

It does not matter if the iPad is only a gaming system or something stronger, you can get more out of it if you wish. This article just helps you with a little of what you can learn with the iPad. Keep gaining knowledge about it, and you’ll have it down quickly.

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