Confused By Your IPhone? Get The Most From Your New Phone Here!

Many people have found that the iPhone has revolutionized their daily living in a lot of different and totally unexpected ways. If you want to obtain the maximum benefit that can be derived from this type of phone, then you need to have some knowledge on the matter. Take a few minutes to check out the article below and you will soon find yourself becoming an expert user.

If you would like your iPhone battery to last longer, dial down the brightness factor of your phone’s display. The brightness level can be lowered from the iPhone’s settings area. You will save your battery, which is especially helpful if you need a fully charged phone.

If you are online with your phone, you don’t have to type “.com” to end the URLs. All you need to do is include the main part, like Google, and miraculously the iPhone browser transports you to that site. Though this may seem insignificant, the time savings can be substantial over the long run.

Sync your email accounts with your iPhone to easily access your messages. This will allow you to receive a notification when an email message is received and allows you to instantly view the message from your phone. You can tag one account, or multiple accounts if you want.

Have you ever had second thoughts about your latest message you just wrote in iMessage? Have you ended up with something strange added to your message by Auto Correct? The easiest way to undo this is to just give a quick shake to your iPhone. This will automatically undo recent typing. This optional feature needs to be enabled, so look at your Settings to ensure it is available.

People who are new to iPhones are typically surprised at the number of things that they can do. However, most newbies don’t realize all the things that the iPhone can do. By having the right information, you can be even more productive with your iPhone than you know.

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