Simple Tips To Help You Get Up To Speed With The Iphone

Do you want to get new iPhone applications but have no idea where to find them or how to get them on your phone? You have come to the right place. The information below will share lots of cool ideas for getting the most out of your iPhone!

If your iPhone freezes, don’t worry. Use the Sleep/Wake button as the first remedy. If it doesn’t work, press both the home button and the sleep/wake button and hold them down. Doing so should bring up the option to reset your iPhone by using the Power tab. After a few seconds, the phone should power up again.

Take a picture using the volume and headphones. Steady your hands, and then press the button located on the cord. Doing so will give you a clear shot without shaking your iPhone.

Play around with your iPhone. The more time you spend playing with the features, the better you will understand how to use it. It could take days or weeks, but you will learn more about it.

Dry rice can be used to dry an iPhone if it gets wet. It is common for people to drop their phones in a puddle, toilet, or other wet location. Use a paper towel to wipe the phone, then place it in a rice packed bag. Use this as an alternative to a hair dryer. Leave it there overnight, and in almost every case, it will be fine in the morning.

Whenever you drop your iPhone into water, which is very possible to eventually happen, do not turn it on immediately to see if it is okay. Thoroughly dry the outside, and let the inside dry overnight. While wet, the phone can short out when activated.

On your iPhone, you can access your iPod controls, as well as your favorites, in an instant. Go to Settings tab, then General, then press the home button. Customizing starts by figuring out which things you’d like to change. This is a fairly easy process when you follow the steps.

Notifications can be annoying when they interrupt you while you are trying to work on your iPhone. Perhaps you wish to complete your initial task before addressing the notification. This is easy to handle. When the pop-up bar appears at the top of your screen, simply swipe it away.

Take a photo with only one hand using your iPhone. Frame the picture you want to take and push the raise volume button. You’ll get pictures of similar quality to standard photos if you use this shortcut.

FaceTime is great for communicating on the iPhone. FaceTime will let you see who you’re talking to, and it will let others see you. To use FaceTime, just look under contacts for Facetime. Once it’s pressed, you’ll be able to hear and see the person you’re conversing with.

To mark any emails on an iPhone as unread, locate that command. First, go to Details, then click on the “Unread” button. When you access your mail, the message will still appear to be unread.

Is there a certain person or people that you text frequently? If so, their numbers can be added to your favorites. Your list of recently called numbers and your favorites can be used for sending messages as well as placing calls. The arrow beside a contact is for texting them. You can then ask them quickly what the voice message is about, a perfect tool when you are stuck in a meeting.

A great way to save a lot of time when playing with your iPhone is to set custom shortcuts for AutoText. This can help with email addresses and phrases that are used often like “Where are you?” or “On my way.” You will find this feature by going to the keyboard settings.

Syncing your iPhone with the time system on your computer is a useful tactic. This way, you can keep track of your schedule on your iPhone, instead of having to check your computer. Make sure your phone and computer are in synch.

You can take even better photos by taking them with volume buttons on your headphone rather than the button on the phone itself. You can set your iPhone and use this button to avoid shaking it. With a lengthy headset cord, you can also take a self-portrait of yourself.

Any website you frequently visit can be turned into an app. Load the website on your iPhone. When you are on the website, simply click on the “Go” button. This gives you the ability to put this site on your home screen. On your home screen, you can then rename the page to whatever you’d like it to be.

You can substantially reduce typing time on the iPhone. Within your phone’s settings, access the general area, and select “keyboard.” Then, add a shortcut. You are able, then, to preprogram long phrases or combinations of words that you use a lot. As such, the next time you won’t have to type every single letter.

While it’s easy to get through websites, it can be a hassle to scroll back to the top. However, it can be easier. Just tap the status bar–the piece that has the clock–on your screen’s top to jump to the page’s top. You can do this with iTune lists and other long screens as well as webpages.

Most iPhone users take a lot of photographs. After a while, the number of photos can really add up. Keep your pictures organized with the iPhone album. This cuts down on a lot of time when searching for a particular picture you would like to see.

Keep firmware updated. Each update increases the functionality of the iPhone, and improves battery life. Just install iTunes on your computer and then connect your iPhone to it. You can also connect your iPhone with your Apple computer.

By reviewing the tips presented above, you’ve hopefully picked up a few new tricks you can use to increase your iPhone’s overall usefulness. You may even now know how to install cool apps into your phone. You will find that your iPhone is more useful than you first thought.

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