Simple Tips To Using Your Iphone And Making Life Easier

It is quite simple to integrate your accounts on social media sites. There are many people that still have not figured out how to do it. No worries; if you aren’t sure how to link up all of your social media accounts to your phone, then just read on.

You may find that you are getting interrupted by a notification when you are trying to work on your iPhone. If this interrupts you from time to time, this can be a hassle. You can get rid of that notification easily. Once you see the notification bar, just make it disappear with a swipe.

Make messaging faster if you use this trick. When a dictionary suggestion appears that is not the word you want, make it disappear with a tap to any part of the screen. You do not have to click on the x displayed next to the word to dismiss it.

Safari and mail applications are widely used by iPhone owners, but many are not aware of how to save images with these apps. This is simple. Just touch the photo that you want to save, and press down for a couple of seconds. The box that pops up will have options for manipulating the image.

If your iPhone is lost or stolen, the Find My iPhone application, which is free, can help you find your phone on a map. But, it is a service that you must register for beforehand. The iPhone app can ring your phone to make it easier to find when you have misplaced it. Also, you can lock your data to protect it from unwanted people.

You should be using your iPhone to share and send photos to your family and friends. This may be done in two ways. The easiest way is to simply click on your Facebook application for sharing images on your page, or to tag others in the picture, or you can attach it to an email for those that are not on Facebook.

A great way to communicate via your iPhone is FaceTime. It helps people look at those they are conversing with. You will find the button for FaceTime in your contacts. To begin a FaceTime conversation, simply press the button.

If the webpage you are reading is quite long and you would like to quickly get back to the top, there is no need for you to scroll all the way up. Just give the status bar a tap and you’ll be back where you initially started.

Rice helps to reduce the moisture on your iPhone. There has been many a person who accidentally dropped their phone into water – whether it be a puddle or even the toilet. Put your device into a bag with rice to help soak up the moisture. It should be dried out after several hours or overnight.

Change the ringtone of your iPhone to a tune you like. You can separate yourself from everyone else and get your own customizable ringtone. Upload a beloved song or sound byte. You will have yourself an attention-getting feature.

It can be tricky to scroll through sites on the small window on the browser of your iPhone. You may discover you have scrolled yourself right through the main site instead. If problems arise, see if you can zoom in on the relevant window. Once you’ve done that, use two fingers instead of just one to scroll across the window.

When using Safari on your iPhone, one simple tap can make a phone call. Suppose you are using the Internet to locate a pharmacy near your home. When you find a number, you don’t have to go back to the phone menu to call. Instead, all you have to do is tap the number.

On your iPhone, you can access your iPod controls, as well as your favorites, in an instant. Go to the settings on your phone, then go to general, and finally go to the home button. You are then able to customize by double clicking and then selecting which options you would like to customize. That is an easy thing to do when you go through the steps.

An iPhone can act as your GPS. Whenever you’re attempting to obtain directions somewhere or find stores located along the way, the map portion of the phone can be utilized as a GPS. Bookmarking the map allows it to be easily accessed.

Make sure you secure your iphone with a case right when you get it. You can actually shatter the glass on the iPhone’s front if you drop it without proper protection. A case can’t protect your phone from every danger, but keeping it in one will reduce the chance that it will be damaged or destroyed.

Working with text via the iPhone can be complex and annoying, but with the right shortcuts you can make the process more effficient. Double-tapping any word is something you are probably already familiar with and what it can do. The same can be done for entire paragraphs. Tap 4 times and the entire paragraph is selected, making cut and paste so easy.

Always make sure your OS is upgraded to the most recent version. The iPhone has become as sophisticated as many computers. Occasionally, the operating system needs to have fixes and security updates downloaded to protect it. Updates are especially important if you use or access personal information while on your phone.

Are you messaging the same people frequently? These numbers can be added to your favorites, so that you can have easy access to them. You can directly message someone from your recent calls or favorites list. Just select “text message” from the menu you get when you tap the arrow you see beside a contact. This is great for quickly finding out about all the recent calls and texts that you just missed.

You will quickly feel more connected once you are linked to all of your social media sites. Now you can stay in touch with everyone all the time! Social media and the iPhone have made this possible, which is the reason you need both in your life!

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