Tips And Tricks That Make Your IPhone More Fun

More people seem to have an iPhone than not these days. Though the iPhone has become ubiquitous, it is hard for some to learn its many uses. But a lot of people who own iPhones still have a lot of questions about the product. Become an expert shortly by using the tips below.

Whenever a new update is available for your iPhone, take the time to install it. When you update your phone, you will have the latest bug fixes, patches and options to keep your phone running well. You will also have to store all photos and other information you have on your computer in case something bad occurs to the phone, you’re covered.

Save your valuable battery power by lowering the brightness on your iPhone. Go to the settings area on your phone and reduce the brightness level. This will conserve battery energy and extend the amount of time you will have before needing to recharge your battery.

You can use your headphone cord to make picture-taking a snap. Hold the phone steady and press the button on the cord. This way, your phone isn’t shaken, and your shot will be clear.

If adding the “.com” ending of website addresses on your iPhone is a chore, you don’t have to. Just put the main address – anything before the .com – to navigate to the site you want. This may seem like a tiny time-saver, but it will save a lot of minutes during your phone’s lifetime.

The iPhone allows you to create your own shortcuts and your own dictionary. Your diction app will figure out exactly what you’re trying to say by relying on your custom dictionary. For added efficiency, try programming your phone with your most commonly used phrases and shortcuts. The keyboard automatically tries to correct you as you type.

With what you’ve learned, you are better prepared to master your iPhone and its abilities. Now, you can set this knowledge into motion. If you utilize what you have learned, you will find you have mastered your iPhone in a short period of time.

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