You Can Do A Lot More With Your IPhone Than You Think

It can be a curse and a blessing to own an iPhone. The phone has a lot of features, and the sheer number of functions can be overwhelming. To learn the most about using your iPhone so that you do not waste your time or your money, keep reading.

Set up some word shortcuts to type quickly on an iPhone. Go to Settings, then select General, Keyboard, and lastly Add New. Put in acronyms or abbreviations to phrases and words you use. When typing these shortcuts, words and phrases that correspond will come out in their whole form.

There is no need to select the “x” box that follows a word that has been subjected to AutoCorrect. To eliminate this alteration, tap anywhere else on the screen. This automatically closes the suggestion box and makes your life much easier.

The iPhone’s calendar function is great for organizing your life. You can add events faster and easier directly rather than using the + button. When you’re in the “Day” view, tapping and holding on any hour will automatically create a new event for that time. Fast scheduling will give you more time to work with!

Switching from web browsing to placing a call on your iPhone doesn’t take more than a single tap. Perhaps you are searching for a local grocery store. While on the Internet, find the number and your phone can call it. Just tap on their number and you’ll be connected to your desired business immediately.

It is pretty easy to retain images from Mail and Safari. When you see a picture you want to save to your phone, just tap and hold on the image. This will prompt a box to open which gives you a save option.

Increasing the speed of your messaging is another trick to the iPhone. When a dictionary suggestion appears that is not the word you want, make it disappear with a tap to any part of the screen. The little “X” does not have to be hit!

Make sure you are reserved when it comes to the number of apps you are installing. There are many apps available for the iPhone; some free, some for a fee. Some applications engage in unscrupulous data mining practices or charge you hidden fees.

It can be tough to scroll in a small window on a website with the browser on your phone. You may find it difficult to keep track of where you are on the page. If you’re having issues, try to zoom in on that window first. Also try using two fingers to scroll instead of one.

Be certain not to put too many movies in the iPhone. A full movie uses up about a gigabyte of storage space. Having several movies installed on your phone may cause it to malfunction. Your apps may not function properly either.

Turn your iPhone’s brightness settings down if you want to get more out of its battery. Go to the settings to change this. At a lower brightness, you’ll find your iPhone lasts for a lot longer. This is especially helpful if you know you are going to go a long time between charges.

If you do not have enough time to finish writing your email, tap on cancel instead of closing your email app. After you click out, you will be prompted to save as a draft. If you save it, you’ll have the opportunity to go back to the email later; it’ll be waiting for you in your iPhone’s draft folder.

If you want to use special characters in your text, the iPhone makes it easy. Just follow these simple steps. Use your finger to select the letter, then hold it down for one or two seconds. A pop-up box should appear with extra keys. Here, you can choose unique letters to spice up your text.

Be mindful of your privacy and watch what you say if you have a new iPhone that comes with Siri on it. What is spoken to Siri is recorded by Apple and stored on their internally-hosted servers. These files are great for advancing the technology of the main speech software, but it comes with the price of recording a great deal of your daily, spoken conversations.

Has your iPhone stopped responding to your requests? Hold the Home button in for about 6 seconds if pressing the other buttons don’t work. This causes locked apps to shut down. If you’re still not getting a response, then press down on your Sleep and Home buttons at the same time, and hold them for about ten sconds. This should reset your iPhone and the Apple logo will appear.

If you operate an iPhone, you can use Facebook with it. No longer do you have to log into your computer to visit your favorite social media sites. You can do it right from your phone.

A good way to use the iPhone to communicate is with FaceTime. This gives you the ability to have a live conversation with the person in video form. You can use it by going into your contacts and choosing to start a FaceTime call. Simply press the button to use it.

The calculator is a very valuable function on the iPhone. The calculator is in a standard form when holding the iPhone vertically, but changes into a scientific calculator when held horizontally.

There is a way to scroll your contacts that does not involve finger flicking. First, hold down on the alphabetical contacts screen. Slide up or down with your finger. This can allow you to find the contact that you desire in the quickest way possible.

Protect your iPhone form sun exposure. If you leave your phone in direct sunlight a long time, it could be completely ruined. The heat, especially during the summer, can seriously damage your iPhone.

If you have an iPhone, you probably are already somewhat aware of everything it has to offer. But it can be difficult to take full advantage of all the functions if you don’t know how to master them. Use what you now know from this article, and make the most of this great device.

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