Everything You Need To Know About Iphone

The power and possibility held within an iPhone can make it overwhelming. Your life can be easier from the amount of functions it offers you, or you can drown in the overwhelming amount of options. Keep reading to find out how to more efficiently use the amazing iPhone functions and options available to you.

Icons on the bottom of your screen can be changed when you are listening to your favorite music. Through Settings, you can opt to ‘add more icons’. You can get to your favorite songs, genres and artists with personalized icons.

Whenever you drop your iPhone into water, which is very possible to eventually happen, do not turn it on immediately to see if it is okay. Try to dry the casing as much as possible, and allow the internal parts to dry overnight. If you turn on the phone while it’s wet, you can permanently destroy it by short circuiting it.

Get new tones! The newest iPhone technology allows you to crate custom tones for almost all functions-you can associate everything from emails to alarms with your favorite sounds. Scroll to your ‘sounds menu’ and purchase a sound of your choosing.

You can customize shortcuts on your phone that will allow for faster typing. Within the Settings menu, go to Keyboard in the General section. There you will find Add New Shortcut. You can create shortcuts for common phrases or words you type often by adding abbreviations or acronyms. Every time you use the shortcuts, the phrases and words are going to be used.

Did you just type something into iMessage that you probably shouldn’t have? Did Auto Correct screw up your meaning again? By shaking your phone quickly it can be undone. This automatically removes your most recent typing. Because this feature is optional, you will have to enable it under “Settings”.

Make sure you are mindful about the apps you allow onto your phone. There are many apps available for an iPhone including free apps and those that charge money. However, be aware there are some apps that will steal your personal information or come with hidden charges.

If you lose your iPhone, the free Find My iPhone app can assist you in locating it on a map. However, in order for it to work you will need to register with it beforehand. It will ring if it’s misplaced or a message will appear on it. The best part is that you can remotely erase your phone’s data if you find that it is lost or stolen.

To mark messages as unread, it is necessary to locate the hidden command. You need to go into the “details” menu and press the unread feature. Then, when you open your mail again, the message will appear to be unread.

It is vital to use a protective case to store your iPhone, especially if you have a tendency to drop things. Should your iPhone get dropped, it may break if it is not in a case. Having an iPhone case will protect your phone if you accidentally drop it.

Are you unsure of how to make accented letters in messages? We can help you with that! Touch and hold the particular letter you want additional options for and keep your finger on it for a couple of seconds. A pop-up box should appear with extra keys. This will give you the additional options that you were hoping for!

You can screenshot anytime with your iPhone. Simply push Home and Power at the same time. Don’t hold them down for long, just do a quick tap together. A snapshot will be taken and sent into your Images application.

Access your social media networks with your iPhone to always stay in touch. You can post status updates to Facebook and Twitter from the iPhone. Also, you can check out the buzz with your friends during the day with updates and news feeds.

To make browsing the web on your iPhone a little easier, get a bigger keyboard! You don’t have to go out and buy a bigger keyboard, either. Simply turn your iPhone sideways and press the Safari address bar! Your keyboard is larger and easier to use for fast and efficient typing.

There are little tricks to using your iPhone efficiently, and one is knowing how to remove unwanted emails by swiping your finger. When in the incoming mailbox, swiping a finger over a message causes a delete option to appear.

Tap cancel when writing an email if you cannot finish composing your email. After you click out, you will be prompted to save as a draft. Click yes and you can find your email later in the draft folder.

If you find that your screen is frozen on your iPhone, hold the “home” button for at least five seconds. Your phone should reboot. If it is still frozen, hold the power and “home” buttons simultaneously for at least twelve seconds. Only try the second method when the first one isn’t working.

When you are not using them, shut down any radio feeds on your iPhone. Even if they are not in actual use by you, they still drain battery power and can shorten the intervals between recharges. Wireless radio functions on your iPhone such as Wi-Fi or your GPS and your Bluetooth use additional battery power on your iPhone that will cause more frequent recharging. Save your battery by disabling them unless you truly need them.

Use your iPhone to take pictures. The only real problem most people encounter here is that their catalogs become quite extensive and subsequently hard to sort through. If you want to organize your photos so you can find them easily, use your iPhone’s album function that is built-in. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to locate a specific photo or image.

If you are an iPhone owner, then you are probably aware of most of the things this powerful device can do. However, if you do not fully comprehend how to use your iPhone, you are missing out. Use the lessons learned while reading this to improve the time you spend on learning your phone to enjoying it.

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