Need Some New Iphone Tricks? Check Out These Tips!

What are apps and how can they make your iPhone usage better? You are in luck, as the information in this article will help you learn all the app secrets and much more! They may help you streamline not just your iPhone usage but even your whole life.

Hard reset your iPhone if it gets frozen. By simultaneously holding down the sleep/wake button and the home key, it should get your phone working properly again. The phone will shutdown and restart in order to signal everything went well.

Do you send texts to the same few people? These numbers can be added to your favorites, so that you can have easy access to them. You can text and call from your recent calls and favorites lists. The arrow beside a contact is for texting them. This is a quick way to return calls or texts.

The contact list on the iPhone has three ways for scrolling and looking at information. You can tape one letter to go there, scroll the entire list, or lightly tap the list with your finger. The last way allows you to scroll quickly through your entire list.

You can get to your favorites and your iPod controls right away. Go to Settings tab, then General, then press the home button. At this point, you can personalize this feature by double-tapping each function that you wish to change. Going through the right steps makes this process pretty simple.

If you want to browse the web with ease on the iPhone, try a larger keyboard. You can get this added value without purchasing an expensive accessory! Flip your phone sideways and begin browsing again. You now will have a bigger keyboard that makes typing easier and faster.

Are there a couple of apps or background functions you want to turn off on your iPhone? Click your home button and this will get rid of them immediately. Locate the specific app you wish to close, then just press and hold. After the icon shakes, push the red minus sign to end the program.

Take photos with you iPhone without messing up the image by shaking it too much. Just use the volume control that is on the cord of your headphones. Start off by focusing your camera on the subject you want to capture. Press a button on the cord to take the photo.

If you have a lot of email accounts, you can name them differently. Just remember what email you are using, because you might get confused at times. Assigning a unique name allows you to quickly identify the account you wish to check at a glance.

Avoid placing your phone in extreme temperature areas. For instance, if you need to go into frozen lockers or refrigerated areas frequently, do not take your phone. Just like other electronics, phones can form condensation inside when moved from a very cold location to a very warm one.

Personalizing your iPhone is easy when you select the perfect ringtone. Surely you would like to stand apart from those who use stock ringtones. You could use your favorite song or another sound you find enjoyable. That will help get people’s attention.

There is no doubt an iPhone is simple to use when surfing the Web. However, it can be a real drag to try to scroll all the way back to the beginning of a long web page. Fortunately, you do not need to. All you have to do is tap on the clock at the top and you will be automatically brought back up to the top. This is helpful for long lists too like they have on the iTunes store.

One of the best ways to communicate with others via your iPhone is the FaceTime feature. This gives you the ability to have a live conversation with the person in video form. To get started, visit the contacts section of your phone and find the FaceTime option. Simply press the button to use it.

To quickly browse a website, you can alternate between scrolling with one and two fingers. A given webpage can be scrolled through box by box. The two finger option will move you through the whole page.

Make messaging faster if you use this trick. You can dismiss dictionary word suggestions by tapping the screen. You do not need to hit the small “x” that follows the word.

It is possible to create an app from your commonly used sites. Just go to the site. Press the “Go” button when you get to the website. You will then have the option of adding the website to the home screen. Once its on your home screen, it can be re-named and made into an app of your making.

Interruptions many frequently bother you while you are using your iPhone. You probably prefer finishing your task at hand prior to minding the notice. All you have to do is remove the notification from your screen. Swipe the pop-up bar away the moment it appears.

If you are interested in having an hourly weather forecast for your iPhone, all you need do is find the weather app already loaded on your phone. A lot of people aren’t aware that when the local weather forecast is clicked, that an hourly report showing the next 12 hours will appear. Of course, you can always request that Siri provide you with a similar forecast for the near future.

You should also think about options with an app specifically for managing your battery. There are a few available, and they can let you know where the most amount of battery power is being used and what can be changed to extend the battery life. That can also help you find out when you should calibrate, so your battery stays healthy.

You should have a clear understanding of how great apps truly are after reading this article. You can use what you have read in this article to start enjoying your iPhone and using it to accomplish tasks more easily in your life.

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